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Commerce has been an activity as old as human existence. Commerce simply means the buying and selling of goods and services. Commerce has already been taking place before the introduction of money, Commerce has evolved over the years and would continue to evolve. In earlier times, commerce was carried out through what is known as ‘Trade by batter’ this simply refers to the exchange of one product or service for another. For example, If I had two different pairs of shoes and needed some pants, I could exchange my pair of shoes to get some pants, this was how trade was carried out back in time. Then, money was introduced and individuals started using the money for the purchase of goods and services. Currently, we can talk about e-commerce, thanks to technological advancement. There is no need for me to visit the grocery store to buy some groceries, I can just place an order and I would receive grocery items that I need at my doorstep. Also, the good news is that it does not only involve simple business sales, e-commerce also advances to the more complex business deals like import and export, individuals don’t need to visit a foreign country to inspect certain goods before purchase, but I can actually inspect such goods through videos. For example, I can inspect heavy machinery being produced in China right from my office in the US before placing an order. One may ask, what is E-commerce? E-commerce is the electronic buying of goods or services. That is to say, buying goods or services over the internet. You might not be aware, but almost everyone is currently participating in e-commerce one way or another, yes you heard me right. Have you ever had to pay for any of your bills online or placing an order for pizza or dinner from that restaurant in your city, if your answer is yes, then congratulations you have participated in e-commerce? E-commerce has continued to grow into a multibillion-dollar market as millions of products are sold each day. There are various online market places such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, AliExpress and so many more. On Amazon alone, there are over 350 million listed products. E-commerce has been able to make life easier for millions of people as it has reduced the stress of having to go to the mall before getting some items, why take the stress when you can just get it but placing an order. Another reason why more people are embracing e-commerce is that it saves one time and energy, imagine getting back from work and you discover that there is no cereal in the house and no grocery. You are tired and need to eat, this is where e-commerce can be of help. All you have to do is make a list of the items you need, go through the site of your local store and pick the items on your list then make a payment, your items would be delivered right to your doorstep. Also, E-commerce helps us save money, especially for those that engage in foreign trade, you can purchase certain products without leaving your city or country to make the purchase. Most merchants normally travel abroad to inspect certain products before making payments for those products. E-commerce can help merchants cut down on these expenses. For example, such merchants would have to pay for flight tickets, pay for accommodation when they travel to the manufacture’s city and in some cases even apply for a visa but with e-commerce, you don’t have to travel anywhere as you can inspect and monitor the progress of your goods through certain platforms. All this would require is just your computer, notepad or even your mobile phone and a good internet to monitor the progress of your product through a live feed. Lots of individuals are getting the best out of e-commerce. E-commerce has to a larger extent simplified how trade is carried out in the 21st century and has been of immense help to millions of people out there.

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